What to do with old shoes ?

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What to do with old shoes ?

Almost everyone I know loves shoes. And it would be one big lie to say you haven’t had or come across old shoes in your life. Whether you have recently outgrown yours or have a few worn-out pairs, you can’t let you. Old shoes are part of life. And since throwing them away isn’t a great option, what can you do to them to play your role in saving the environment? Well, there so many options than you can imagine. But that entirely depends on their condition. Here are a few tips on what to do with old shoes;

what to do with old shoes ?
what to do with old shoes ?

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what to do with old shoes ?


    There are so many ways in which you can repurpose your old shoes. And they include;

  • -Fill your favorite pairs of closed shoes with sand and arrange them on your door and use them as doorsteps
  • – Turn that attractive pair of ankle-length boots into a planter. It’s an excellent way of paying tribute to the services they have offered you. Ensure they have enough drainage.
  • -Make your flip flops the smiling stature as part of your door wreath over summer. Guests will be impressed at your creative and unique idea.
  • – Hang a pair of your beautiful dolly shoes in your dressing room and turn them into a jewelry holder


If your old shoes aren’t badly worn-out, then you can donate them to needy people. It could be street families in your area, a center for rescue or home for homeless people. There are also various non-governmental organizations working with needy people, both locally and overseas. Reach out to them and organize how you can help. What better way t live a fulfilling life than knowing your old shoes is responsible for a smile on someone else’s face!

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While the recycling process of old shoes isn’t as easy as old newspapers, it still isn’t impossible. There are many shoes recycling projects taking place in various parents of the world. Check them out and contribute to this noble gesture. If you didn’t know, some sports surfaces such as playgrounds, tracks, and basketball courts, are grounded up by recycled old shoes.


Old shoes can be annoying, especially if you have several pairs. But there’s always one pair or two that you most prefer. So instead of throwing them away with a lot of pain. Why not try reusing them? Yes, it’s possible. For instance, those boots or closed shoes could come in handy on a rainy and muddy day, when you can’t stay all day indoors. Also, if you love spending some of your free time fishing or floating on a lake/river, then you could use some of your old shoes for that purpose.


The last option is to restore those old shoes that you feel are worth it. For example, if you can no longer stand their funky-smell, try getting rid of it, instead of the shoes. You can place unused tea bags in them overnight or for a few days depending on the severity of the stench. The smell will be gone, and you can wear when without guilt.

Old Shoes
Old Shoes

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