Types of Lilies

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Types of Lilies

With their symbolism and the extensive range of colors, lilies are among the most popular cut and ornamental flowers. In addition to the numerous lilies, the enthusiastic lily gardener is offered even more varieties of beautiful flowers that are not only two or one colored but multicolored and decorated with appealing patterns. 

Due to the large selection of colors, it is often difficult to keep track. A list of the most beautiful lily varieties, sorted by color, can be found in this post.

Types of Lilies
Types of Lilies

Types of Lilies Flowers

Lilium is one of the genus of plants whose flowers are among the most popular and culturally important species. The genus is mainly native to the northern hemisphere and extends south to India’s tip-in Kerala. 

The lily species have been cultivated for thousands of years. The number of varieties has increased over the years, making it particularly exciting for you to look for a particular color. 

Depending on the variety, the flowers can be two or more colored and have various decorations such as stripes, dots, or other colored edges. Regardless of whether you choose plain or speckled varieties, the large selection makes the plants ideal for a wide variety of garden projects. 

You can get an overview of the most beautiful varieties here, clearly sorted according to their color. This allows you to find suitable specimens with little effort. In the Lilium plants below, you will find not only varieties but also pretty species.

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Tip: Aside from the classic colors, there are even types of lilies that are black. The black beauties include, for example, the ‘Black Wizard,’ whose color tone looks like ebony. 

The ‘Black Charm’ is known for its intense deep black tone, which is an intense contrast to the classic white lily plants (Liliaceae). The different types of lilies are divided into the following colors:

White Lilies
White Lilies

Lilies – White varieties

  • ‘White Elegance’: shines in pure white color.
  • ‘Siberia’: matching the name, it is a snow-white lily.
  • ‘White American’: Trumpet flowers in white and wonderfully fragrant
  • ‘Mister Ed’: intense fragrance and pure white
  • ‘Starling Star’: a creamy white variety with a lovely yellow tint
  • ‘Album’: a white variety with a greenish tinge and a too-long flowering time
Yellow Lilies
Yellow Lilies

Yellow varieties of lily

  • ‘Citronella’: black-spotted yellow variety
  • ‘Royal Gold’: popular because of its lemon yellow color
  • ‘Yellow Country’: intense yellow tone
  • ‘Fata Morgana’: beautiful double flower
  • ‘Gold Twin’: golden yellow leaves, bent back
  • Ko-Oniyuri (famili: Leichtlinii): speckled, bright yellow
  • Crimean Lily (famili: monadelphum): attractive, the uncomplicated shade of yellow
  • Pyrenean Lily (famili: pyrenaicum): flowers hanging down in an appealing shade of yellow
  • Climbing lily (famili: Modesta): unique lily, the light yellow flowers of which point downwards
Orange Lilies
Orange Lilies

Orange Lilies

  • ‘Monte Negro’: intense orange
  • ‘Fire King’: popular because of its deep orange and recessed petals.
  • ‘Apeldoorn’: appealing mix of orange and red
  • Hanson’s Lily (famili: hansonii): light orange, speckled
  • Fire lily (famili: bulbiferum): brown spots on bright orange
  • Panther lily (famili: pardalinum): wild orange form
  • Henry’s lily (famili: henryi): robust, long-lived, undemanding, and deep orange
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