How to tell if steak is bad

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How to tell if steak is bad

How to tell if steak is bad, and all about steak.

It does not matter if you are a Chef, a big bearded lumberjack or just a regular guy, eating a juicy and delicious piece of steak is one of the greatest culinary experience a human being can have; If not, why do you think McDonald’s became such a big thing?

As you’re reading this article, your mouth is probably already drooling while you wonder about that piece of steak you leaved forgotten on your fridge last week. But before rushing to the kitchen it you might want to check if your steak is bad first, so how to tell if you steak is bad?

How to tell if steak is bad
How to tell if steak is bad

How long can steak last in the fridge?

When properly stored, a piece of steak can last up to 3 to 5 days in the fridge, all you need is to make sure your meat is properly covered or wrapped to prevent any air from getting in and letting bacteria proliferate

How to tell if meat is bad:

Use your eyes:

  • The Cut: It is no secret that not all steaks are created equal. the first step for making steak is to select a great beef; If you’re not an expert, it should be enough to choose a very soft cut with the proper amount of juice for the cooking.
  • The Aging: Wet aging is a process by letting the meat age on its own juices on a vacuum sealed environment, this process lets the juice penetrate the meat even more and improve it’s flavor. this process is done in many fine steakhouses around the world.
  • The Seasoning: Typically a steak doesn’t need more seasoning since the flavor comes from it’s own juices, but if you want the maximum flavor it is recommended season it with pepper and salt.
  • The cooking; When cooking your meat, the key is to maintain a moderately high temperature by a short time and to flip the steak frequently to keep the meat from burning and its juices from evaporating, The end: The final and most important part of the process, to enjoy your juicy mid-term steak, you could improve your experience by sharing with your love ones, but that, at the end, its up to youTime to enjoy.

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