How To Remove Gum From Shoes?

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How To Remove Gum From Shoes?

How To Remove Gum From Shoes?


Biological researchers have unveiled that chewing gum plays a pivotal role in increasing the amount of saliva produced by salivary glands.

High production of saliva is healthy for your body as it protects you from disorders such as oral cavities and excessive accumulation of sugars between your teeth.

However, trouble ensues when you step on chewing gum with your shoes. Undoubtedly, you can agree with me that the feeling is so irritating that you wish you could undo your steps.

Even worse, the more you try to scrap the chewing gum off, the more you are left with ugly residues that aggravate you.

Fortunately, there are proven methods that will help you in removing the chewing gum from shoes like an expert. Read on to discover which technique suits you.

How To Remove Gum From Shoes?
How To Remove Gum From Shoes?

Method 1- Using the Freezer Technique

Chewing gum is made of molecular bonds which become weak when subjected to extremely low temperatures. This is the principle of operation behind this technique. In this method, do the following:

1. Take the shoe that has the gum and put it in a plastic bag.

2. Press the chewing gum against the plastic bag to spread it as much as possible. The process increases the surface area of the gum, making it easier for it to detach from your shoe.

3. Place the plastic bag with the shoe in a freezer for approximately two hours. The longer the duration, the higher the effectiveness of the process. Ensure that the plastic bag is kept far away from other foodstuffs to avoid food contamination.

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4. Remove the plastic bag from the freezer and uncover the shoe. The chewing gum will stick on the plastic bag instead of your shoe, leaving it free of gum.

– In case there are small gum residues on your shoes, pulling them with your hands will clear them off.

Method 2- Removing Gum Using Sand

Chewing gum is composed of rubber compounds which easily solidify. However, when you pour sand on gum, you weaken its bonds, turning it into a highly viscous substance. This method works if the chewing gum is still fresh. To remove gum from your shoes using sand, follow the following steps:

1. Pour some little sand all over the chewing gum.

2. Using a small piece of stick, start working on gum as if you are trying to mix it with the sand.

3. When the gum starts falling off in small pieces, keep adding more sand until you clear all the gum.

– Although it might take longer to eliminate all the gum, the technique is a great alternative that can save your classy shoes.

– The sand acts as an exfoliator which removes foreign materials from the bottom surface of your sole.

Method 3- Clearing Gum Using Olive Oil

Olive oil is composed of essential elements that weaken gum. Follow the following steps to remove chewing gum from your shoes using olive oil:

1. Soak a small cotton cloth with olive oil and use it to work on the area of the sole with the chewing gum.

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2. Give the olive oil approximately five minutes to weaken the gum.

3. Using another small towel, rub off the gum from the shoes. The gum should come off easily.

4. Use a pointed piece of stick to eliminate the small gum residues that remain behind.

Method 4- Removing Gum Using Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is composed of oils which weaken the base of the gum, making it less sticky.

1. Scoop a small amount of peanut butter with a small spoon and use it to rub the area with the chewing gum.

2. Leave your shoe for about 15 minutes to allow the peanut butter to weaken the gum.

3. Using a tough-bristled brush, gently scrub the gum off your shoes. Be gentle to avoid damaging the sole of your shoe.

4. Using a clean cotton towel soaked in warm water, remove the residue of peanut butter from your shoe.

Method 5- Clearing Gum Using WD-40

WD-40 is manufactured using penetrating oils that soften and weaken the bonds present in gum molecules.

– Spray the area covered with the gum with WD-40.

– Give WD-40 approximately five minutes to soften the chewing gum.

– Use a small cotton cloth to rub off the gum.

– If the gum does not come off easily, give it another spray of WD-40 until you can clear it easily.


As has been noted from the points above, it is essential to master the art of removing gum from shoes to arm yourself should the need arise. Also, the above easy-to-follow steps will go a long way in helping you maintain the elegance and cleanliness of your shoes.

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