How to merge cells in excel

How to merge cells in excel
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How to merge cells in excel

Beginner guide for Excel:

A part of Microsoft commercial lines of software, Excel is one the most used spreadsheet software for admirative office work, throughout the world. Once learned, its usually easy to use and works efficiently without using much resources in the computer. It was originally designed for windows but in the current time, version of it is available in every mainstream platform like IOS, android and Linux.


Excel can be used to store and organize several sets of data; see averages and totals of amounts automatically by using the formula future, also you may use it to track data and represent it on a graph or charts.

Excel basic terms:

Workbook: When you first open excel various tabs are displayed on of them is black workbook. A spreadsheet is called a worksheet in Excel Starter. A workbook is a excel file that stores one or more worksheets.

The cells of your worksheet are created by columns labeled with letters and rows labeled with numbers.

Cells: The row and columns of the worksheets combine to create a cell; these are the various rectangle boxes that you see. You can enter number, words and symbols these cells to store your required data.

How to get started:

1. To get started, click on blank workbook.

2. By clicking the File-tab you will be able to access your workbook Backstage where you can open and save a file, receive information about the current workbook.

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3. Data entry: You must first enter this information into the cells on the worksheet to process data on the table.

* To enter the data in this cell, click on a cell.
* To move to the next cell, press ENTER or TAB.
* Input a line break by pressing ALT+ENTER to insert data on the new line in a cell.
* Pick the starting cells, then drag the file handle (a dot on the button right side of the cell). Fill in the set you want to complete.

How to merge cells in excel:

One of the most common questions asked while learning excel is, how to combine cells in excel. There are various ways to merge cell in excel. They are explained below;

Merge & Center option in the home tab:

This is the most popular and widely used method but the problem with using Merge and Center is that the cells can merge but text will not merge.

How to use:

  1. First drag the file handle to the cells you want to merge or simply select the cells by dragging you mouse cursor while clicking.
  2. Then click on “merge cell” on the Merge & Center option on the home tab.
  3. If I select cell A1 and B1 and use option, then the text is maintained in the leftmost cell(A1) and the text is removed from all other cells.
  4. To unmerge the cell, you just click on “unmerge cell” on the Merge & Center option.

Concatenate function:

To use this method to merge cell in excel, you must be able to use formulas in excel. For example, If you are combining the cells A1 and B1, use the formula =CONCATENATE(A1,B1) and the cells will merge automatically. No text will be lost in this method.

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Using CONCATENATE in Excel
Using CONCATENATE in Excel

How to merge CSV in excel:

It is best to save them first as CSV files to merge Microsoft Excel files into one. Click File and Save as to open Excel files and in the menu bar. Select CSV (*.csv) from the list as a type down list in the Save Dropdown List. It is best to save them as a CSV File as a first time to merge Microsoft Excel files together. Select CSV (*.csv) from the list in the Dropdown list Save as type.

merge CSV in excel
merge CSV in excel
  1. Do this for every Excel file to merge and then put all the CSV files in the same folder.
  2. Place them easily in the c: drive root in a folder (e.g., c:\csvfiles).
  3. Open the CSV file folder and search Windows command prompt. Select DIR to view the files and make sure they are all in the folder. Type into a new CSV file title in a folder the following command (copy *.csv newfilename.csv) to combine all CSV files.
  4. Open and save the new CSV file in Microsoft Excel as an Excel file after the new file has been developed.
How to merge CSV in excel
How to merge CSV in excel

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