How to make shoes smaller ?

Mary Jane Rosenberg

How to make shoes smaller ?

Almost everyone could attest to have gone through this; that pair of your favorite shoes don’t fit anymore. At least not as perfectly as you would like. This could be because of weight loss, expansion of their top material, wrong size order, etc. You are frustrated and don’t know what to wear to that crucial upcoming interview, meeting, or party. You don’t have to be anymore. Below are some top hacks on how you can make your shoes smaller. Read on!

How to make shoes smaller ?
How to make shoes smaller ?

Thick Foam Insole

Head to the nearest shoe store and buy a pair of foam insoles for your shoes. The thickness you choose will, however, depend on how big the shoes feel on you. The insole will not only guarantee you comfortability but also make them more fitting. Remember to look at the insole size and select the perfect match for your shoes.

You can also opt to carry the pair of shoes with you for fitting at the store. You will enjoy the convenience and get to head home satisfied.

Tongue Pads For Shoes

This is a vital shoe accessory, especially for individuals with a low arch. They work like magic, especially on sports shoes such as sneakers, loafers, and many more. They usually are thick, soft and are found on the inner part of the shoes; just beneath the laces of your shoes. Hence the name “tongue.” And because of their nature, they make wide shoes narrow, thus allowing a perfect fit for your feet. You can order them online in various stores or from your local shoe store.

Foot Cushions Ball

Your feet are made up of various parts, and when it comes to misappropriate shoe-fittings, the ball of your feet is the most uncomfortable one, especially for individuals who love high heels. So to get rid of the discomfort and enhance your shoes’ fitting, it’s advisable to invest in a ball padding. You can purchase ready-made or order a customized one depending on your needs. You should, however, ensure it isn’t too thick to take-up much of your shoes’ space.

shoes smaller
shoes smaller

There usually are two types of ball cushions;

  • 1: The leather insoles; very breathable and thin, making them an excellent option for slightly bigger shoes.
  • 2: The Gel ball cushions; quite thick and have glue to prevent them from sliding. They are also reusable since you can wash them. They also protect the full insole of your shoe from any damage. They make an ideal pick for wide shoes.
    • Shoe Fillers

      You don’t have to use a pair of socks to refill your big shoes, anymore. There are various shoe fillers in the market for that purpose. The inserts function by occupying some of your shoe space, making them shorter length-wise. So your feet get to fit in perfectly. And if the shoes still feel a little bit loose, you can pair this with your ball feet cushions, and you will be good to go.

      For prolonged service, it’s advisable for you to purchase washable ones. This way, you get to save-up as you enjoy your favorite pair of shoes over the years. Most manufacturers offer 3-pairs of shoe fillers in their packages, and that’s pretty cool and economical.


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