How big is a youtube thumbnail ?

Mary Jane Rosenberg

What is the size of a YouTube thumbnail?

YouTube is arguably one of the largest and most popular video-sharing platforms in the world. Established in 2005, it has already achieved humongous success in just a few years. As of today, YouTube has become the 2nd most popular website on the internet after Google.

YouTube has become one of the most important websites on the internet today. It has become home to the billions of videos from the people around the world. As YouTube allows us to upload our videos on their server for free, millions of videos from the people of different parts of the world are registered or uploaded on YouTube daily.

How big is a youtube thumbnail ?
How big is a youtube thumbnail ?

Being the largest video-sharing platform in the world, YouTube provides the ability to stream and upload the videos from it for free. Millions of videos are streamed from YouTube daily. Due to this reason, it has become the largest center hub for showcasing the talent, entertainment, news, etc to the world on the internet. Millions of YouTubers have already gained their life-changing massive success via just uploading their videos on YouTube.

Different celebrities, musicians, vloggers, comedians, etc. have gained enormous success via YouTube. But that doesn’t mean that every video on YouTube will get popular and loved by the millions of people. You have to be persistent and upload unique and quality video contents daily on YouTube to get success in achieving your goal.

What is the size of a YouTube thumbnail?
What is the size of a YouTube thumbnail?

When uploading videos on YouTube, it is equally important to choose the right thumbnail for your YouTube video. You should always be careful when choosing the thumbnail for your YouTube videos as it plays a crucial role to give the first impression to the viewers.

As research done by Google, it is said that the video which consists of a real and high-quality thumbnail is more likely to get more views than the usual ones. Therefore, it is very important to get a killer thumbnails for your YouTube videos to drive more viewers towards your videos.

As we know YouTube has been frequently changing the compatible size of YouTube thumbnail for the video. When it comes to gaining more views on YouTube videos, using an optimized thumbnail for the video is also equally important besides the video title and the video.

Recently YouTube has employed 1280 pixels with a minimum 640 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall or an average ratio of 16:9 as the standard optimized thumbnail for the YouTube videos. YouTube videos with thumbnails following this aspect ratio will be automatically optimized and ranked at the top spot on YouTube.

As YouTube shrinks the size of thumbnail according to search recommendation and next video recommendation, it is recommended to use high-quality thumbnail for the video by following the prior aspect ratio to retain or get uncompromised thumbnail quality even after it gets shrank or expanded.

Besides from the aspect ratio of the thumbnail, YouTube also suggests uploader or YouTuber to use the image under the size of 2 MB (MegaBytes) for the thumbnail of the video. Any image with the size of above 2 MB will be rejected or cannot be implemented to make a thumbnail of the video.

Lastly, YouTube supports only PNG, GIF, JPG or BMP as an image format for a thumbnail of the video. Any image formats, except these four, are not compatible and cannot be used as a thumbnail for the YouTube video.

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