What is mobile services manager?

mobile services manager

What is mobile services manager?

Mobiles service manager is an application pre installed into many smartphones. It is a system installed with the device’s operating system and performs many functions. The functions of the mobiles service manager includes installing and updating applications, accessing information and controlling some settings. Read More

How Big is California?

How Big is California?

Do you want to know how big is California? California has 163,696 square meters. Yes, this is a big American state that you will be truly proud of if you pay it a visit. California is here to stay for a long time because it has a lot of good things in store for you too. Read More

What to do with old shoes ?

Almost everyone I know loves shoes. And it would be one big lie to say you haven’t had or come across old shoes in your life. Whether you have recently outgrown yours or have a few worn-out pairs, you can’t let you. Old shoes are part of life. And since throwing them away isn’t a great option, what can you do to them to play your role in saving the environment? Well, there so many options than you can imagine. But that entirely depends on their condition. Here are a few tips on what to do with old shoes; Read More

How to make shoes smaller ?

How to make shoes smaller ?

Almost everyone could attest to have gone through this; that pair of your favorite shoes don’t fit anymore. At least not as perfectly as you would like. This could be because of weight loss, expansion of their top material, wrong size order, etc. You are frustrated and don’t know what to wear to that crucial upcoming interview, meeting, or party. You don’t have to be anymore. Below are some top hacks on how you can make your shoes smaller. Read on! Read More

How To Remove Gum From Shoes?

How To Remove Gum From Shoes?


Biological researchers have unveiled that chewing gum plays a pivotal role in increasing the amount of saliva produced by salivary glands.

High production of saliva is healthy for your body as it protects you from disorders such as oral cavities and excessive accumulation of sugars between your teeth.
Read More

How To Stop Shoes From Squeaking ?

We’ve all been there. A quiet corridor, harmony reigns supreme until the irritating creak and repetitive rasping of a pair of squeaky shoes. But there is no need to despair: there are plenty of solutions to make this unwanted sound effect a thing of the past.

Read More

How to Disinfect Shoes ?

When you store shoes or boots, most often it is not enough to simply wash them and dry them, but also disinfect them. This is crucial for any shoes that you plan on wearing long-term to prevent nasty smells and more importantly, the spread of harmful microorganisms Read More

How Big Is Manhattan ?

Manhattan is one of the most famous cities in the world. It is known for many things including its large skyscrapers, its Statue Of Liberty, Times Square, and the World Trade Center. Manhattan is very diverse in its people and its buildings, and you can find something new every time you go there. In a city that has so much to see, many people begin to wonder what is the size of Manhattan? Read More

How big is a youtube thumbnail ?

What is the size of a YouTube thumbnail?

YouTube is arguably one of the largest and most popular video-sharing platforms in the world. Established in 2005, it has already achieved humongous success in just a few years. As of today, YouTube has become the 2nd most popular website on the internet after Google. Read More

How to tell if steak is bad

How to tell if steak is bad, and all about steak.

It does not matter if you are a Chef, a big bearded lumberjack or just a regular guy, eating a juicy and delicious piece of steak is one of the greatest culinary experience a human being can have; If not, why do you think McDonald’s became such a big thing? Read More

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